Truly Grass Fed Whey Protein - The Whey To Go!

We take the welfare of cows that provide our whey protein very seriously. This is why all of the Grass-Fed Whey Protein we use here at Unleashed Performance comes from validated Truly Grass Fed cows. 

Healthy, happy cows grazing in lush fields of grass along Ireland's eastern seaboard, as nature intended.

What is Truly Grass Fed dairy?

Truly Grass Fed™  is a premium brand of dairy products produced in Ireland for the leading global nutrition brand, Glanbia Ireland. You may have already spotted the 'seal of excellence' on our Grass-Fed Whey Protein packaging. When you see the Truly Grass Fed™ seal on a product, it signifies the dairy ingredients inside meet the highest industry standards of quality, safety, animal welfare, and environmental consciousness.

Unleashed Performance Whey Protein is exclusively sourced from Truly Grass Fed™ dairy farms across Ireland. Glanbia Ireland is striving to make Truly Grass Fed™ the Gold Standard of dairy.

Premium quality ingredients produced with integrity for optimum levels of nutrition.


Each of the Truly Grass Fed family-run farms has an average of one cow for every two acres! That's a whole lot of mighty fine grass! 🐄

Truly Grass Fed Cows = Happy, Healthy Cows

Wholesome dairy from cows living their best lives outside, grazing on green grass - now that is what Truly Grass Fed™  is all about.

Each of the approximate 3000 farms has been Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW (A Greener World, AWA), an independent nonprofit farm-certification program, which guarantees that animals are raised outdoors on pasture on independent farms their entire lives, using truly sustainable, high welfare farming practices.

The average Truly Grass Fed™ dairy herd is only 100 cows and nearly 100% of the farms that fall under the Truly Grass Fed brand are inherited and family-run for generations.  

Climate - It is thanks to Ireland's favourable temperate climate that these cows enjoy the freedom to graze outdoors for most of the year (up to 300 days, weather-dependent).  

Clean Air - Certified by the Carbon Trust in the UK, Ireland is one of the lowest carbon emitters in the world. 

Rainfall - Ireland's mild, coastal climate and plentiful precipitation ensures natural grass watering and limited energy costs.

The Grass - Some of the world's most nutritious grass varieties plus an added dash of clover for good luck (and nutrition, of course) make up 95% of the cow's truly grass-fed diet. The other 5% (or less) comes from nutrient-enhancing concentrates at key stages of the year. 

The Soil - Grass-fed farmers test their soil routinely to ensure optimum limestone levels, beneficial to grass growth.

The benefits of Truly Grass Fed dairy

Studies show that the nutritional quality of milk is enhanced from grass-fed cows versus those that are grain-fed*.

Increased concentrations of both fat and protein can be found in grass-fed dairy cows. More importantly, better proteins with a higher true protein content!

  • Higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLAs) - Twice that of grain-fed cow's milk.
  • Grass-fed cow's milk has a higher proportion of omega-3 fatty acids and a lower ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid, a more optimal ratio than grain-fed systems.
  • Increased levels of Beta Carotene - Responsible for the rich, golden colour of grass-fed milk products.

Learn more about the benefits of pasture-based dairy.

Unleashed Performance and Truly Grass Fed

The Truly Grass Fed brand signifies:

  • At least 95% grass-fed
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Growth hormone free
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Animal welfare-friendly
  • Environmentally responsible and sustainably farmed

At Unleashed Performance, we are proud to be associated with the Truly Grass Fed brand and wear this accreditation proudly.

We pride ourselves on the premium quality ingredients that we source for our products and together with leading nutritional industry professionals, have formulated a Whey Protein powder recipe that upholds the highest standard for optimal nutrition.

Whatever your fitness goal, #makeithappen with Unleashed Performance.

* Effect of pasture versus indoor feeding systems on raw milk composition and quality over an entire lactation